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OCTOBER 21, 2000



Date: October 21, 2000 (Saturday)

Time: 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Location: Smokey Oval Park Playground

Address: (Corner of 127th Street & Atlantic Avenue

Target Audience

  1. Families in the Richmond Hill and Ozone Park
  2. Multi-ethnic audience comprised of Indo-Caribbean (Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica & Surinam), other Caribbean nationalities, Latinos, African Americans, Whites, South Asian (Indians, Pakistani, & Sikhs)
  3. Religions include: Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, etc.

Event Name & Theme

  1. 2000 Autumn Festival

Number Of Participants

  1. 750 – 1,000 participants

Event Structure

  • Registration & contribution for raffle tickets (each attendee receives ticket for food)
  • Speakers
  • Opening prayers (Christian, Muslim, Hindu & Sikh)
  • Sponsor Display Tables (Corporations and non-profits)
  • Entertainment
  • Raffle Drawing
  • Media
  • Refreshments (dietary considerations: Halal, Vegetarian & other Religious), Photographer
  • Event Objectives

  • To bring awareness of Smokey Oval Park to community
  • To increase usage of Park by all ethnicities
  • To recognize the efforts of Agenda 21 in rehabilitating the Park
  • 4. To celebrate renovation of playground

    Potential Sponsors

  • Liberty Avenue Merchants: Raffle Prizes and Food
  • Corporate: Cash (Citigroup, Allstate, Burger King, McDonalds, Rite Aid, Home Depot, Keyfood, Catholic Medical Centers, Sprint, KeySpan, Times Ledger)

    Potential Speakers

    Hosted By: Clyfe Madhu, The Rohit Jagessar Show

    Jamal Baksh, Raymond Ally, AG21 Members, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Anthony Andrews, leaders of religious organizations


    Equipment Rental & Park License 500

    Food 2,000

    Media/Promotion 500

    Entertainment 1,000

    TOTAL $4,000

    Project Plan/Outreach

    Sponsors & Raffle Prizes: Raymond Ally & Deryck Ramjattan

    Vendors: Darrel Sukhdeo

    Activities: Saleema Rahaman, Steve Rahaman, Raymond Ally & Chandra


    Community Outreach: Jamal Baksh, Tarique Nageer, Deryck Ramjattan

    & Chandra Maharaj

    Speakers: Jamal Baksh, Raymond Ally, AG21 Members, etc.

    Budget & Park License: Jamal Baksh

    Entertainment Coordinators: Chate Nauth & Navin Phagu (reference Anil Thomas '99 coordinator)

    Entertainers: Ellen Connelly (Connelly Dance Studios), Pastor Torres

    (Latino Singing Group), Jennifer Rampersad, Natraj Dance Company

    Prayers: Pastor Torres, Pandit & Imaam

    Event Logistics Coordinator: Michael Sooknanan

    Publicity Outreach: Lisa Edoo, Kish Kishun

    Marketing and Media: Chandra Maharaj

    Photographer: Tom Kearns - '99 photographer

    Program/Schedule: To Be arranged (TBA)


    Chandra N. Maharaj - August, 2000